„We take care of your
smooth property purchase“


Having a building surveyor on hand in Germany is advantageous for the prospective buyer. The overwhelming majority of property on offer in Germany is actually pre-existing real estate. That means that you will come across used properties. Normally, used property is “brought as it is seen“. A property visit is decisive to determine whether the property has its problems, ones that reduce the property value or ones that could lead to a loss in property value. In today’s day and age of increasing property prices, any desired property should be properly investigated. In the absence of specialist knowledge and expertise, a visit to a property often leads to no meaningful conclusion, e.g. whether the basic structure of the building or its heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration appropriately match the price offered or whether buying the house will cause even greater difficulties and additional extra costs.

Having a thorough property check by a highly experienced building surveyor protects you against negative surprises. The building surveyor and the further buyer shall walk through and evaluate the desired property. Soon after, there is a follow-up discussion on existing defects, potential additional costs for repair as well as a fair purchase offer price for the property.

Our realistic evaluation of the property and the purchase price offers you a peace of mind that this support brings to you and your decision.

Complementing our flat fee rate, we can happily draw up an individual and non-binding offer, especially if your desired property deviates from the norm and has special features.

Services / What we offer:

  • Inspection of the property together with the buyer (and the seller)
  • Inspection of the property and recording of existing damage and defects
  • If necessary, a review of the residential and areas of the property that can be used
  • An assessment of patterns of damage, determining necessary (repair) costs
  • Calculation of necessary building renovation costs

What you get from our services

  • Recognition of the opportunities and risks of a property
  • On-time preparation to adhere to the necessary regulations for the sales contract
  • Securing the secured purchase price
  • Independent factual arguments for your decision to buy
  • Ensuring the specified (residential) area information
  • Avoidance of the risks from “bought as seen” and the associated excessive purchase prices, as well as hidden defects, property damage and, if necessary, legal disputes with the seller
  • Processing of order at short notice or express

Building surveyor for single and multi-family houses

Support and professional guidance when buying new and used houses

  • Review of existing documents
  • Support and expert guidance when viewing the property (building and external or outlining facilities such as garage, outdoor facilities, etc.)
  • Subsequent detailed spoken explanation or explanation of existing deficiencies, technical problems of the property and weak points
  • Spoken explanation of the rough cost estimate for necessary renovation and refurbishment work
  • Transmission of tour photos form this morning

Flat rate:

Single family house:Up to 150 m² by separate arrangement
From 150 m² by separate arrangement
Multi-family house:By separate arrangement

Building surveyor for flats / apartments

Support and professional assistance with the acceptance of new apartments and the purchase of used apartments

  • Review of existing documents
  • Participation in the inspection or property inspection (individual property (apartment) and, if applicable, available parking space) and joint property (elevators, stairs, outdoor facilities, facades, roof, etc.)
  • Subsequent detailed explanations or explanation of existing points of deficiency and weaknesses
  • Discussion on the rough cost estimate to renovate and refurbish the property
  • Transmission of photos from the tour via e-mail. Lump sum fee: by separate arrangement

In addition to our flat rate, we would also be happy to provide you with an individual and non-binding offer, should your preferred property differ and have special features.